Dr. Beth Dawson is a certified parenting consultant, life coach and higher education professor, specialising in supporting women of all ages, with a particular focus on mums of teens and young adults.

She is also qualified to work directly with teenagers (aged 13+).

Her approach uses evidence-based tools, such as NLP, Positive Psychology and Non-Violent Communication – for tangible and long-lasting results.

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Are you feeling overwhelmed by what you perceive as disrespectful and unruly behaviour from your teenager?

Do you struggle to set boundaries and promote positive behaviour with your teen?

Are you an expat individual or family, struggling with integrating into Paris, or a new city?

Would you like to strengthen your relationship with your teenager and encourage more trust?

Are you in search of effective conflict resolution strategies to reduce tension within your family?

If you are a teacher or school administrator, are you interested in implementing new methods in the classroom to enhance classroom management, learning skills, and the well-being of your students?

If you have older children who are leaving the nest, are you wondering which direction to take next?

Are you a “sandwich generation” mum and finding yourself overwhelmed by teenagers and ageing parents?

Do you have a teenager who is struggling to make career choices or experiencing academic difficulties, such as time management, study skills or other challenges?

Would you like to learn more tools and techniques to help support your teen’s (or your own!) emotional well-being?

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‘If what you’re doing isn’t working,
do something different.’

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Creating Connections for mums of teens

An online group course, led by Dr. Beth Dawson.

This course introduces NLP techniques for effective communication and better management of our emotions when parenting teenagers

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395 euros or 320 GBP or 420 USD

10 of Zen Mums of Teens

An online group course, led by Dr. Beth Dawson.

This course will teach a combination of mindfulness tools and practices, especially for mums of teens, that can easily be incorporated into a busy life.

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Destination Magnifique for women

An online group coaching programme, led by Dr. Beth Dawson

This programme, with a French twist, will draw on many different coaching techniques such as NLP, journaling, breathwork, mindfulness and positive psychology, to rediscover our “joie de vivre”.

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