Destination Magnifique!

Destination Magnifique!

Empowering women to rediscover their inner strength, renew their sense of purpose, and find their ‘joie de vivre’

Parenting teenagers or young adults is a transformative experience, but it can also be emotionally draining. Additionally, managing the needs of ageing parents while still being present for one’s family can create a feeling of being trapped in the middle – hence the term “sandwich generation.” Some women question if it’s all downhill from then onwards.

Here are five NLP coaching techniques that can be beneficial for the female sandwich generation:

Reframing Perspectives
The sandwich generation often faces feelings of overwhelm, guilt, and stress due to their dual caregiving roles. Through NLP, they can learn to view these challenges as opportunities for growth and personal development. By shifting their mindset and focusing on the positive aspects of their roles, they can find more fulfilment and purpose in their caregiving journey. We can reframe the role of parent of teen and/or caregiver as one of strength and resilience, and recognise the invaluable contributions these carers and parents give to their families and society.

Anchoring Positive Emotions
During coaching sessions, women learn how to create anchors for themselves to access feelings of calmness, patience, and strength when faced with stressful situations. By using anchoring techniques, they can quickly shift their emotional state from one of frustration to one of composure, allowing them to handle their caregiving responsibilities more effectively.

Effective Communication Techniques
For the sandwich generation, clear communication with both their parents and their children is crucial. NLP coaching can teach them active listening skills, empathy, and rapport-building techniques, enabling them to connect and understand the needs of their loved ones better. Improved communication can lead to smoother interactions and more fulfilling relationships within the family.

Goal Setting and Time Management
Many sandwich generation individuals struggle to find time for their personal needs and aspirations. NLP coaching can help them set realistic and achievable goals, both for their caregiving responsibilities and their personal development. Through effective time management techniques, they can create a balance between caregiving duties and self-care activities, allowing them to lead more fulfilling lives and avoid burnout.

Managing Stress and Building Resilience
NLP provides tools for managing stress and building resilience. The sandwich generation faces considerable stress from juggling multiple roles and responsibilities. NLP coaching can teach them relaxation techniques, such as visualization and mindfulness, to reduce stress and improve their emotional well-being. Additionally, NLP can help them build resilience by reframing setbacks as learning experiences and empowering them to bounce back stronger in the face of challenges.

By incorporating these NLP coaching techniques into their lives, women can gain a better understanding of themselves, enhance their communication skills, and develop strategies to navigate their caregiving roles more effectively. These techniques can empower them to lead more fulfilling lives, find balance in their responsibilities, and prioritize their own well-being along with their loved ones.

During the group coaching programme Destination Magnifique, Beth covers these different techniques and more to help women go from feeling stuck, to embracing this next, new and exciting chapter, because growing older (and wiser!) can be rewarding and joyful! Whether you are a carer of elderly parents, a mum of teens, an empty nester or you just feel stuck, this programme will help you redefine what is important to you and help you feel magnifique!

The programme combines many different techniques and routines: NLP techniques, music therapy, blue health coaching, journaling and includes a French twist. It is generally considered that French women age with grace and charm, and the programme will draw on the French culture to navigate life’s transitions with elegance. It doesn’t matter where you are in the world, the programme will take inspiration from the beauty and history of Paris and the French sense of “joie de vivre”.

Destination Magnifique Group coaching programme: an online group coaching programme led by Dr. Beth Dawson

Where? Online – via Zoom in a group

When? Two hours, twice a monthly. Dates and times TBC starting October 2023 and for a duration of three months. Two individual sessions are available per participant, within a six-month period from the moment of sign up.

How? In addition to the Zoom sessions, there are also resources in an online portal and a closed WhatsApp group, which will be available throughout the programme.

Who is it for? Mothers who are feeling stuck, overwhelmed, caught between the responsibilities of caring for children and/or ageing parents or women who would like support and inspiration in exploring their own passions, whether they are personal or professional, such as a career pivot or a personal project that they would like to bring to fruition.

How much? £1497 GBP, 1915 USD, 1745 euros for the group programme.

Please note that places are limited to ensure an intimate, well-functioning group.

This programme can also be successfully tailored to individuals on a 1:1 basis and in this case, varies slightly, with additional coaching sessions, adapted to the client’s availability and specific goals. Cost for the individual programme: £4491, 5746 USD, 5235 euros.