Talks & workshops

Dr. Beth Dawson runs tailor-made workshops or webinars for parents of teens and those who work with teens and young people

For Schools

For your parents

60 to 90-minute webinars or live events.

Supporting your parents of adolescents can strengthen your pupils, impacting behaviour and improving parent-teen connection for a better overall learning experience.

These webinars and workshops are tailored to the topics your parents need most, helping them to create harmony at home and better communication with their teens.

Beth believes in helping teenagers beyond the education system, encompassing the emotional and mental capabilities to increase confidence and learning capacities. Happy homes equal successful schools because when teenagers feel secure, they can truly shine and be the best version of themselves – enabling them to thrive.

For your teachers

Workshops and talks to help your teachers in and out of the classroom.

Beth has been a teacher for over 15 years, and personally knows and understands the challenges of teaching teenagers.

These bespoke workshops are designed to help teachers implement NLP techniques into the classroom in order to foster self-confidence, nurture independence and increase resilience. She helps your teachers to help your pupils, increasing self-esteem and setting them up for success. She also works with teachers who are feeling burned out, stressed or are simply looking for renewed enthusiasm in their profession.

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For Workplaces

For your employees

For working parents, she offers workshops, either stand alone or as part of a series.

Dr Beth Dawson understands the challenges of being a working parent. She has worked in the corporate field alongside her teaching activities for over 20 years.

Her talks and workshops target specific challenges, helping address common issues for working parents, creating a healthier home life so that they can be their best self in the workplace. It is important to address these topics holistically – the home life and the work life impact each other, and someone struggling with teenagers won’t be performing at their best at work.

Investing in your working parents increases loyalty, engagement and productivity, appreciating your parents as people and helping them to have more positive home lives. Happier homes equal a healthier workplace where everyone feels appreciated and supported. This is a return on investment for your organisation.

She also offers Surgery Days, either on site or online, offering individual one-to-one sessions with your parents so that she can work with them personally and privately on their parenting challenges.

This is the most powerful option as it’s entirely targeted to their needs.

All offerings are completely bespoke, based around your parents and where they are at on their personal parenting journey.

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Take a look through the list below of the different topics she offers for webinars. She can also create a bespoke webinar for your organisation, association, either for an in-person or a virtual event.

I hate my teen!

How to stay calm when your teens push your buttons.

Screen time sanity!

Communication and connection with our teens are essential if we are to keep them safe and healthy. Coercion and control can be detrimental to relationships.

Communicating with teens – the power of words

This webinar looks at communication with teens and demonstrates constructive ways for you to respond, preventing verbal shut down and conversational dead ends.

Navigating anxiety

Studies show that as many as one in six teenagers will experience an anxiety condition at some point in their lives. This webinar will help you know when a worry is too big and how to help your teens. It will teach you how to spot anxiety, understand anxiety, and how to teach your teen to deal with it using some tried and tested NLP techniques.

Putting the ‘u’ back into mum

This webinar looks at some simple NLP and self-care techniques to help you navigate the challenges of parenting teenagers.

Parenting teens: the BRACE© method

Using NLP techniques to help create better connections with our teens

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